All Electric Hot High Pressure Washers

These revolutionary hot water washers are electrically heated and monitored for outstanding performance in high pressure cleaning jobs. These units are equipped with heavy duty, removable high pressure heating elements which heat water instantly. System protection devices monitor water flow, water pressure and water temperature.

With 1200 to 3000 PSI and 2.0 to 4.0 GPM, you can believe that it’s ideal for tasks that require a lot of power. All machine controls are 24 Volt, have enclosed heating chambers and stainless steel float tanks.

Our Hot Water High Pressure Washers are designed to remove stubborn materials such as, oil, grease, soot, road film, graffiti and numerous other cleaning problems. High temperatures emulsify most petroleum based substances, allowing them to be easily rinsed away. Most cleaning chemicals are designed to be activated by hot water, which promotes superior cleaning performance.

The 8000 Series is a powerful hot water washer that’s electrically heated and monitored for the utmost in high pressure cleaning equipment.

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Electric Pressure Washer 8000 Series: Electrically Heated Cleaning System

The electric pressure washer’s heavy duty removable high pressure heating elements heat the water instantly.

System protection devices verify water flow, water pressure, and water temperature to keep this system running strong.


  • Timer Shutdown
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Cover & Control Panel
  • 24 Volt Controls
  • Low Water Shutoff
  • Dual High Limit Protection
  • Reduced Flow Protection
  • Washer Failsafe Monitoring System
  • Time Delay
  • Remote Ready
  • Calibrated Detergent Mixing Valve


  • Variable Pressure Wand
  • Downstream Chemical Injection
  • Wheel Kit
  • Explosion-Proof Motor
  • Explosion-Proof Controls

Available with Clutch Pump Protection

Electric Pressure Washer Specifications