Clutch Pump Protection

The Best Answer Yet to Pump Failures

Several of our Power America Hot High Pressure Washers feature Clutch Pump Protection.  This prohibits the pump from overheating when the trigger gun is shut off. The Clutch disengages (STOPS) the pump when the trigger is released, thereby greatly reducing wear on the pump seals and unloader valve.  This advancement alone greatly reduces possible downtime and costly service calls.

Other pressure washers re-circulate the bypass water again and again. Each time through the pump, the water temperature increases dramatically until it reaches the critical temperature of 145° F in less than a minute. Power America units featuring Clutch Pump Protection do not bypass water. Pump life is increased tenfold.

Ever since pressure washers began using a trigger gun, there has been no good answer to the stress placed upon the pump and bypass unloader UNTIL NOW!  Clutch Pump Protection is just one of the features that make Power America Hot Water High Pressure Washers unique when compared to other brands of pressure washers.

Models Presently Available with Clutch Pump Protection Option are: