Automatic Parts Washers

The Power America Parts Washers are cabinet style, front load aqueous parts washers consisting of nine models ranging from 40 gallons to 260 gallons. The units are constructed from 10 or 12 gauge steel and can be customized to meet your needs – plus it’s ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE.


Now there is a solution to the health hazards associated with solvent tanks and washers (which have been the way to clean parts in the past).  Clean parts in minutes with hot water and biodegradable detergents – not solvents.  LOAD IT, SET AND FORGET IT. Simply place your parts in the washer, close the door, set the timer, and your parts are clean. It’s automatic – it’s that simple!!


  • Seal-less “EZ Load” Door
  • Larger Load Heights with Built-In Head Racks
  • Automatic Oil Skimming System
  • No More Paying for Expensive Labor to Wash Parts
  • Dry Floor Evaporator with Power Vent
  • Belt-Driven Turntable Drive

“Now, you can wash parts
cleaner and faster
with 360º spray flow!”

Available Models to Choose From

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