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Whats New Stationary Standard (Custom)

Super Clean Shine 0813 v2


 Our New D-1 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer

Super Heavy Duty
Self Contained  •  Diesel Engine  •  Diesel-Oil Heated



100% of our Power America™ Machines are built in the USA

We are the only full service cleaning equipment supplier in the area that can make this claim!

To be able to quote cheap prices, other companies carry lower-grade equipment made in Mexico, China, Europe and other places where standards are lower and the quality or workmanship is inferior.

Simply put:  If you are considering the purchase of a new machine, and you want it to last,
you should buy it from us.

The quote “I Can Save You Big Bucks” is a fallacy – a myth.
They don’t buy better than we do, they are simply willing to buy junk
and then when you need service – they won’t be there to help you.

When they advertise, they create the false perception that you can get something for nothing.

In fact, they get their manufacturers to make a lower grade, cheaper version than you will
find at Power America.  Don’t be mislead, they often use similar model numbers
and descriptions to fool you into thinking you are getting the same product.

These machines just don’t LAST. How do we know?
Because we help customers repair and replace this junk virtually every day!

When you consider the expense in time and labor to replace products that fail,
it is much less expensive to buy quality in the first place.
We have believed this since 1965 and “you get what you pay for” still holds true today!

Don’t be fooled – Before you buy, stop into our Showroom or call us for an On-Site Demo.

You will see a difference – we guarantee it!!

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