Waste Water Capture

This system is a widely used waste water containment and capture system that is normally used in conjunction with power washing (i.e. pressure washing) operations to prevent the escape of any waste water to the environment.  These systems are engineered to be applied in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications where a wash water containment system is required, so that chemicals and fluid waste can be contained and/or captured and removed from the site.

Waste Water PumpATP50Low Cost Waste Water Recovery
Up to 20 GPM
120 Volt 

The ATP50 is your answer to capturing and containing wastewater runoff.  The durable sump pump and water berms allow easy containment and transfer of excess wash water. Complete your task while protecting the environment and complying with regulations.  A proven product for all concrete cleaners and anyone wanting to capture and transport wash water.


  • Recover up to 20gpm
  • Filter wastewater up to 100 micron
  • Transfer wastewater up to 100 feet
  • Includes:
    o    water berms
    o    120v sump pump with 25’ hose
  • 185 gallon black water holding tank
  • (Pressure Washer and Trailer not included)

Hydro Loop ® is not suitable for applications with high level organics such as:  golf courses, solid waste haulers, food processing and heavy emulsified waste streams which will require a biological wastewater treatment system.

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