Waste Oil Heaters

Our Waste Oil Heaters are designed and manufactured in the same factory in South Dakota that builds our famous Power America Hot Water High Pressure Washers.

What Are Waste Oil and Waste Oil Heaters?

Waste oil is any petroleum-based oil that has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties.  In the past, disposal of waste oil meant paying someone to haul it away.  But “cradle to grave” laws and regulations meant that a company could still be held liable for waste oil disposed this way.

Waste oil heaters provide customers with an economical alternative to disposing of used oil.  With waste oil heaters, waste oil can be safely disposed of onsite while providing a secondary source for heating shop space. As energy prices climb, waste oil heaters are gaining ever-increasing popularity.


Heat Output – BTU’s 120,00
Radiation Surface – Sq. In. Over 1,000
Oil Consumption Rate .8 US Gallons/Hour
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 US Gallons
Power Source – Voltage 115 Volt
Fuel Pump Motor 3.8 Amps
Height 42″
Width 23″
Length 30″
Weight 330 lbs.
Exhaust Pipe 6″ O.D.
Thermostat Remote
Daily Service Time 3 – 5 Minutes
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