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Equipment for Demanding Heavy Industrial Cleaning Applications

Sioux units are constructed to withstand the pressures of the industrial workplace and include standard features that are considered accessories many competitive models. These features cost a little more in the beginning, but provide a cleaner that runs smoother, lasts longer, is safer to operate and is ultimately a better return on your investment. All Sioux units begin with an all-welded steel frame of 14-gauge (or heavier) steel, and 1/4″ angle iron. This heavy-duty construction makes our cleaners perfect for industrial cleaning where plastics and thinner metals will soon crack or break under the demands of the environment and frequent use. Optional elevated float tank and gravity feed water system provides a steady supply of water to the pump.  This flooded suction water system helps prevent water starvation (cavitation), a major reason for premature pump failure, thereby extending pump life. Sioux uses a ceramic multi-plunger, positive displacement, water pump with a forged bronze head, oil-bath lubrication and stainless steel valves. Fuel-fired units have a drip-proof water pump motor, with overload protection, capacitor start, and director V-belt drive. All-Electric models have TEFC motors with thermal overload protection.

Sioux Steam-Flo for Greenhouses Soil Sterilizer for Greenhouses

Since methyl bromide and other pesticides are being phased out, growers are looking for an effective alternative to control disease pathogens, nematodes, insects and weeds. Healthy, disease free and insect free plants produce higher yields of vegetables and flowers in less time, reaching the market sooner and commanding quick sales. 

The Sioux Steam Flo is a portable steam generator designed for sterilizing soil in greenhouses and nurseries. It is excellent for sterilizing potting soil, bench soil, propagating sand, ground beds inside the greenhouse for vegetables, ground beds outdoors for flowers, vegetables, and nursery stock as well as pots, flats and benches.

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Sioux Weed Eliminator

Weed Eliminator

The Sioux weed eradication system heats water to 320°F at 120 PSI, which is then released through a low pressure nozzle flashing to steam at 212°F. The high temperature steam melts the waxy surface of the plant, rupturing the cell structure and annihilating the plant. The weed eradicator applies low pressure steam through a steam nozzle, which minimizes landscape and soil molecular disturbances, unlike cultivating or hoeing. It also eliminates the danger of flame application where open fires are a hazard. Using steam can provide a safe and effective way to eliminate weeds. A one time investment can recoup the original costs within one year of purchase due to savings on chemicals and other landscaping products. Operators DO NOT have to be certified for using hazardous materials and can be up and running with minimal training. The weed eradication system can also reduce concrete replacement costs by killing weeds in cracks before they completely ruin the concrete. Steam also evaporates quickly, eliminating runoff. The system can be used around bodies of water, in public areas, at historical sites, on sidewalks, and in flower beds. This system meets OSHA regulation 1910.339 and is certified to UL 1776 and CAN/CSA B140.11-M89.

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Sioux-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Sioux’s line of 100% All-Electric pressure washers and steam cleaners are ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical operations, as well as powder and bulk processing plants. Units clean and maintain facilities where cleanliness of surroundings is crucial. Sioux cleaners are designed to be used in areas where open flame and conventional fuels are prohibited. No preheating or recovery time is needed, so hot water is available instantly and continuously for unlimited time periods. These cleaners are excellent for general plant  maintenance as well as sterilization. Unlike oil-fired or gas-fired equipment, Sioux All-Electric pressure washers emit no contaminants into the surrounding air and produce minimal noise. There are no flames, no fumes and no exhaust. Explosion-proof 100% All-Electric units are designed for use in hazardous locations where combustible gases or materials may be present. Sioux All-Electric units are built to Class I, Division 1 and 2, Group D. Contact factory regarding other hazardous classifications.

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Sioux All- Electric

Sioux All-Electric Explosion-Proof


All-Electric and Explosion-Proof

All-Electric Steam Cleaners are ideal for melting grease and oil, as well as sterilizing, disinfecting, degreasing and degassing. Low pressure saturated steam is great for stripping loose paint or preparing surfaces before painting or other treatments. Steam also flushes away chemicals and poisons, dissolves resins, paraffin and tars, de-ices, and kills algae and mildew.

All-Electric Hot Pressure Washers produce high pressure hot water to blast away grime, encrusted dirt and oily films. High pressure hot water greatly increases the cleaning power of detergents and chemicals. Cold pressure wash is available for rinsing by turning off the heating element.

Explosion-Proof Cleaners Specially Designed for Hazardous Locations Sioux’s Explosion-Proof cleaners are rugged, durable cleaners designed for use in hazardous environments, where safety is critical. These cleaners feature explosion-proof components, and a heavy-duty sealed cast aluminum enclosure with galvanized steel conduit. Explosion-Proof construction is available on Sioux’s entire line of All-Electric steam cleaners, hot/cold pressure washers and combination cleaners. This equipment meets the National Electric Code (NEC) and complies with OSHA Regulation 1910.303(a). This unit is ideal for Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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Sioux-Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

Sioux’s line of 100% electrically driven and electrically heated All-Electric pressure washers and steam cleaners are ideal for use in restricted spaces in the food and beverage industry. They sterilize equipment and maintain buildings and facilities. The all-electric design produces no flames or exhaust, and can be used in locations where fuel-fired units would be dangerous or prohibited by law or safety codes. These units do not require exhaust stacks, gas lines or fuel tanks and can be easily moved for use in multiple locations. Any unit can also be built to explosion-proof standards for use in hazardous locations.

Sioux offers a compact all-electric combination steam cleaner and high pressure hot water washer, which is ideal for cleaning in processing facilities. Hot water will blast away grime, sludge and food particles from production and filling machinery, conveyors, loading docks, buildings and grounds. Steam will quickly and thoroughly remove grease and oil, melt ice, and disinfect surfaces. Sioux all-electric cleaners provide hot water or steam quickly and continuously, even during extensive periods of operation, maintaining optimum cleaning capability. Thus, cleaning can be done effectively and at a faster rate than with other brands, which often use a holding tank as a heat source. As the holding tank is depleted, discharge temperature decreases, which can dramatically reduce cleaning effectiveness.

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Sioux Steam-Flo Steam Generators

Steam-Flo Steam Generators

The Steam-Flo provides a dependable, economical, and portable source of low pressure steam for a variety of applications. The vessel is constructed from1/4″ boiler plate steel and will give years of service with minimal maintenance. Units meet ASME code, CSD-1, and NEC.

• 370-845 lbs. of steam/hr
• 10-25 Boiler HP
• Oil, LP or Natural gas firing
• Options include fuel tanks, trailer, stationary or skid mountings,
insulation wrap, generators, water tanks, and more.

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