Rhode Island Pressure Washer Service and Repair

Pressure Washer Company RIPower America Cleaning Systems provides the best pressure washers, service, and parts in Rhode Island for the following quality manufacturers: Aaladin, American Lube, Alkota, CAT Pump, General Pump, Giant Pump, Hannay Reels, HydroTek, Karcher, Landa, Mi-T-M Washers, Mosmatic, Pressure Pro, Steel Eagle, VAL-6 and others. We also provide factory-trained service for all Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Lifting products..

Finding the Best Pressure Washer for your Needs

What exactly is the Best Pressure Washer for your needs? There are many things to look at before you purchase a pressure washer; it’s important to note some of the following: stationary or portable, electric or gas engine powered, and hot high or cold water.

Portable Pressure Washers – Our portable pressure washers deliver high pressure, water flow, and heat for quick performance. Cleaning performance is largely determined by not just pressure but a combination of heat and water flow. The high capacity burner allows for a high temperature rise which accommodates the water flow for a quick clean on greasy or oily surfaces. Some models include a full pressure steam setting.

Stationary Pressure Washers – Delivering 2400 to 3000 PSI, the stationary hot water high pressure washers are engineered with the toughest jobs. Designed and build for fixed-base operations, dependability, and rugged use.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers – Normally more powerful than electric powered. The power involved is ideal for High water pressure levels for removing tough stains. Most are very easily portable, and commonly used for industrial settings. Due to carbon monoxide emissions, gas powered pressure washers should only be used outdoors. This is a major decision maker when comparing gas and electric.

Electric Powered Pressure Washers – Commonly used for indoor settings and light industrial projects. Although some may not be as powerful as gas powered, they are very efficient and safe. Although commonly used indoors, electric powered pressure washers can be used outdoors as well and are very quiet when compared to gas powered.

Pressure Washer Parts

Find all of your parts and services for most industrial and commercial pressure washers at power washer sales .com. We have a wide selection of pressure washer parts from quick couplers and hoses to motors and heating coils. We also stock a complete line of accessories including: pressure washer hose reels, guns, wands, hoses, downstream chemical injectors, turbo nozzles, truck wash brushes, and much more.

Pressure Washer Service and Repair in RI

pressure washer repairPower America offers pressure washer service from factory-trained experienced technicians to provide pressure washer repair that has never been so quick and professionally handled. Our service trucks are ready to respond to your location, usually within 24 hours. With very reasonable service rates and parts pricing, Power America is Rhode Island’s number one Pressure Washer Provider and Service / Repair Team.

PowerAmerica provides genuine repair parts and services pressure washers in Maine, Massachusetts,Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont.