Power America Cleaning Systems provides the best pressure washers, service, and parts in Massachusetts for the following quality manufacturers: Aaladin, American Lube, Alkota, CAT Pump, General Pump, Giant Pump, Hannay Reels, HydroTek, Karcher, Landa, Mi-T-M Washers, Mosmatic, Pressure Pro, Steel Eagle, VAL-6 and others. We also provide factory-trained service for all Stertil-Koni Heavy Duty Lifting products..

Which Pressure Washer Suits Your Needs?

What exactly is the Best Pressure Washer for you or your company? There are a few things to look at and compare before purchasing a pressure washer. It is important to recognize some of the following: portable or stationary, gas or electric powered, and hot high or cold water.

Portable Pressure Washer – Portable pressure washers deliver very high water flow, pressure, and heat for maximum performance. Measuring cleaning performance is largely determined by pressure and a combination of heat and water flow. For a quick clean on greasy or oily surfaces, high capacity burners allow for a high temperature rise accommodating the high water flow. Full pressure steam settings are also good for these types of grimy surfaces.

Stationary Pressure Washer – Our stationary washers delivering 2400 to 3000 PSI are hot water high pressure washers engineered for the toughest jobs. Designed and built for fixed-base operations, rugged use and dependability.

Self-Contained Pressure Washer – When electricity is not available and hot high pressure cleaning is needed, the G-Series pressure washers provide the answer.  Using a commercial heavy duty gas or diesel engine to provide power to both the pump and the oil fired burner, hot water high pressure cleaning is easily provided at remote sites. These heavy duty units can be trailer mounted or can easily fit through a 30” doorway using their attached wheels.  They are the ideal hot water high pressure washers for property management companies, contractors, mechanics, farmers, or anyone who requires an onsite mobile solution to any cleaning problem.
The Power America G-Series Self-Contained Hot High Pressure Washers are industrial strength washers designed for convenient transport.

Electric Powered Pressure Washer – Electric pressure washers are commonly used for indoor settings and light industrial projects. Some may not be as powerful as gas powered, however they are very efficient and safe. Commonly used for indoor use but can be used in outdoor settings as well. Compared with gas powered pressure washers, electric is much more quiet.

Gas Powered Pressure Washer – Normally more powerful than electric powered. Ideal for removing very tough stains because of the high pressure gas powered can create. Most are very easily portable, commonly used for industrial settings. Gas powered creates carbon monoxide emissions and should only be used outdoors. This is a major decision maker when comparing gas and electric.