Dedicated Detergent Delivery

Our Detergents are specially formulated for use in Hot Water High Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners. These super concentrated cleaning compounds feature only the highest quality raw materials and are phosphate-free.The result is an environmentally-friendly washing product.

pressure washer detergent

Do you use more than 35 gallonsof detergent each month?

If so, you will save money by having us install a storage container (75 or 175 gallon) in your wash area.  This is “ON LOAN” at NO charge, as long as you are enrolled in our monthly delivery program.

Our truck will deliver detergent every four weeks (more often, if needed) and you will be billed only for the detergent you have used – AND at a BULK rate.

No more messy pails and drums to get rid of!

Film Fighter Plus
Multi-Purpose Fleet & Pressure Wash

Clean Shine
Premium Truck & Bus Wash


  • Mobile Pressure Washing
  • Manual Systems
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Engines & Compressors


  • Specially formulated for deep penetration of exhaust, road film and salts
  • Leaves vehicles surface streak free
  • Sheeting agents break water from surfaces for ease of rinsing
  • After drying, glass and vehicles will be spot free
  • Unlike most pressure wash detergents, Film Fighter Plus is a low to no odor product
  • Film Fighter Plus can be used for fleets of vehicles, as well as deep cleaning of  heavy equipment
  • Film Fighter Plus is designed to be used in pressure washing equipment, as well as down stream injectors


  • Trucks & Trailers
  • All Vehicle Types
  • Buses & RV’s
  • Automated & Manual Systems
  • Gantry, Brush or Brushless Systems


  • Leaves a deep shine on all surfaces
  • Leaves vehicles surface streak free
  • Increases durability to weathering
  • After drying, vehicles will be spot free
  • Unlike most pressure wash detergents, Clean Shine leaves behind a pleasant odor
  • Clean Shine is a very versatile product. It can be used concentrated – for heavily set-in dirt, or it can be used diluted for more economical applications.

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